Google Setup Guide

This article will guide you through the process of setting up Google with the Social Login extension for UsersWP. You will need a Google account in order to integrate it with our Social Login extension. 

Settings Overview

You need to have the Social Login extension for UsersWP installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

  • Enable Google - To enable Google support, you need to check this option. 
  • Google APP ID - This is where you will enter your Google APP ID. 
  • Google APP Secret - Enter your Google APP Secret key here. 
  • Let the User Enter the Username? - If checked, the user will be allowed to choose a username (if unchecked, username is automatically generated). 
  • Let the User Enter Email? - If checked, users can enter an email of their choice. If unchecked, the email returned by Google is used. 

Setting up Google with Social Login

First up, go to Google Developers Console and click Create New Application.
You will see a dropdown after Google APIs logo; click on it and then click the  Create Project link on the top right corner of the popup.
Fill in the details for the new project and click on Create.
Again go to projects' dropdown and select the project that you created recently.
Click on ENABLE APIs AND SERVICES button and search for Google+ API and click on the Enable button to enable that API.
After enabling the API, click on the OAuth consent screen on the left sidebar menu and fill up all the details. Don't forget to enter your site URL into the authorized domains list. 
After that, you will need to create credentials for Social Login. Go to Credentials on left sidebar menu. Click on the  Create Credentials button and select OAuth client ID.
Choose Web Application from the list and fill in all the details. Enter the URL from the UsersWP Google Social login settings page in the Authorized Redirect URIs field and click on Create.
You will get your Client ID and Client Secret in the popup. Enter those into our UsersWP Google Social Login settings and you are done.
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