Yahoo! Setup Guide

This article will guide you through the process of setting up Yahoo! with Social Login extension for UsersWP. You will need a Yahoo! account in order to integrate Y! with our Social Login extension. 

Settings Overview

You need to have the Social Login extension for UsersWP installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

  • Enable Yahoo - To enable Yahoo! support, you need to check this option. 
  • Yahoo Client ID - This is where you will enter your Yahoo! app ID. 
  • Yahoo Client Secret - Enter your Yahoo! app secret key here. 
  • Let the User Enter the Username? - If checked, the user will be allowed to choose a username (if unchecked, username is automatically generated). 
  • Let the User Enter Email? - If checked, users can enter an email of their choice. If unchecked, the email returned by Yahoo! is used. 

Setting up Yahoo! with Social Login

Before going any further, make sure you have generated an App ID and App Secret Key from Yahoo! Refer to Yahoo! Documentation for additional details.

First up, go to Yahoo! Developers and click Create New Application.
Next, enter your app details. For the Redirect URL field, enter the value as (replace "" with your actual site address). 
Now, navigate to UsersWP > Social > Yahoo. 
Enter your Client  ID and Client Secret Key in the relevant fields. You can get these details from your Yahoo! app that you just created.     
Remember to check Enable Yahoo option. 
Save your settings. 
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