Messaging Setup Guide

This article will guide you through the process of setting up Messaging extension for UsersWP. 

Customizing Messaging Options

You need to have the Messaging extension for UsersWP installed and activated in order to access these options. 

To customize the Messaging options, you need to head to UsersWP > Addons > Messaging. 

You can tweak options such as character limit for messages, display styles and colors, as well as restricted words. Be sure to read our Settings Overview

Messaging Extension in Action

Once you have installed and activated the Messaging extensions, the message applet automatically shows up for all logged-in users. 

The Messaging applet on the frontend looks similar to the chat applets of Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular social networks. Users can see a list of users that they can message to: 

Additionally, users can select whom to start a new conversation with: 

The chat functionality too is similar to the popular social networking layout, so your users will feel right at home when using the Messaging extension: 

Moderating Messages

To prevent abuse, you can block certain users from messaging others. Simply head to UsersWP > Addons > Messaging and then select the concerned user(s): 

Similarly, you can also input offensive or abusive words in the Restricted Words field. Such words will then be censored with asterisk signs in chat: 


To exclude messaging JS from cache, this is the file and handle:

Handle : uwp_messaging_scripts

File: plugins/uwp_messaging/assets/js/uwp-messaging-front.min.js

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