Settings Overview for UsersWP > Addons > Messaging

This is the settings overview for the UsersWP > Addons > Messaging page. 

You need to have the Messaging extension for UsersWP installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

Messaging Settings 

  • Message Character Limit - Specify the character limit for messages. 
  • Unread Message Email Interval - Specify the email interval after which users should be notified about unread messages. 
  • Select Users to Block from Sending Messages to Other Users - You can select the users that will be blocked from writing to other users. 
  • Restricted Words - You can enter comma-separated words in this field to censor them in chat with asterisk marks ***. 

Message Box Design 

  • Header Background - The header background color. 
  • Header Text - The header text color. 
  • Content Background - Color for the content background. 
  • Sender Background - Color for the sender background. 
  • Sender Text - The color in which the sender text should be displayed. 
  • Receiver Background - Receiver background color. 
  • Receiver Text - Color of the receiver text. 
  • Sidebar Text - Color of the sidebar text. 
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