Install AyeCode Connect (Help and Support)

AyeCode Connect is our service plugin, it will connect your website with your user account on our website and let you:

  • Install any paid extensions or themes.
  • Enable automatic updates (just like normal WP plugins) for paid extensions.
  • Auto Sync any license keys you have.
  • Access to support and Docs right from your wp-admin area.
  • Allow secure temporary support agent access.

Installing AyeCode Connect

Have one of our plugins installed?

If you have one of our plugins installed (GeoDirectory, WP Invoicing or UsersWP) you can head to the Extensions page, UsersWP > Extensions, and kick start things from there.

Installing Manually

In your WordPress backend follow these instructions;

  1. From the Dashboard select Plugins > Add New.
  2. In the search field enter "AyeCode Connect", then select Install Now.
  3. After installation, click Activate.
  4. Visit Dashboard > AyeCode Connect and click Connect Site.
  5. Login or register. Your login from any of our sites will work. 
  6. Click Connect, you will then be returned to your site where you can enable the features you want.

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