Setup Wizard

The UsersWP Setup Wizard is the easiest way to get your site up and running in just a few minutes.

It is recommended that you choose your theme first. You can change your theme later, but you may have to re-do your menus and widgets, or run the UsersWP Setup Wizard again.

Let's Go!

The setup wizard will automatically start after the plugin activation. It is highly recommended that you run through the setup wizard. However, if you prefer not to, the setup wizard can be re-started anytime while on any UsersWP page by clicking the Help Tab (top right) > Setup Wizard.


  • General Settings - This is where you need to tick the Anyone Can Register option, if it isn't ticked by default.
  • How Will You Use UsersWP? - There are three major options: Login/Register, User Profiles, Member Directory. We suggest you tick all three options, unless you really know what you're doing. 
  • Menus - You can choose to create special menus for UsersWP items. 
  • Dummy Users - To populate your site, you can import dummy user accounts. 

Recommended Plugins

We suggest you install the recommended plugins, especially AyeCode Connect, as it helps you seek support and help from our team easily. 

UsersWP will work just fine without the recommended plugins too -- you can always deactivate and/or delete the plugins as per your wishes. 

Awesome, Your Site is Ready!

Congratulations, the basic setup is done and you can start customizing your UsersWP site!

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