How to Redirect Users Based on User Roles?

UsersWP allows role-based redirects for all user roles. You can choose to redirect a specific user role type to a given page, both after login as well as logout. 

Redirecting Users

Head to UsersWP > Redirects to manage role-based redirection settings. 

Based on the user roles that are active on your site, UsersWP will show four different options for each: 

  • Login Redirect Page - This is the page that the user role will redirected to, after login. 
  • Redirect Custom URL - This is the URL to redirect the particular user role to, if the Custom Redirection option is selected in the Login Redirect Page value. 
  • Logout Redirect Page - This is the page that the user role will be redirected to, after logout. 
  • Hide Admin Bar - If checked, the admin bar will be hidden on the frontend for this particular user role. 

The redirection will not work if the Last User Page option is selected on the Login Redirect Page setting under UsersWP > Settings > General > Login. 

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