bbPress Custom User Profiles Setup Guide

This article will guide you through the process of setting up the bbPress Custom User Profiles extension for UsersWP. 

Getting Started

You need to have the bbPress Custom User Profiles extension for UsersWP installed and activated in order to access these options. 

More importantly, you also need to install, activate and configure the bbPress WordPress plugin before activating the extension.  

The bbPress Custom User Profiles extension lets you beautify your bbPress user profiles. It comes with the following tabs: 

  • Topics – Displays the forum topics created by the user.
  • Replies – Displays the forum replies created by the user.
  • Favorites – Displays the topics favorited by the user.
  • Subscriptions – Displays the forum topics subscribed by the user.

Adding Tabs to User Profile 

Once you have installed and activated the extension, head to UsersWP > Form Builder > Profile Tabs. 
You will notice 4 new tabs -- Topics, Replies, Favorites and Subscriptions . You can simply click to add them to the user profile. 
Be sure to save your settings. 

This is all! This extension does not have a separate Settings page to configure. Be advised, tabs will show up on the frontend based on the settings and configuration of the bbPress plugin. For details, refer to the bbPress documentation. 


Default user profile: 

Topics and Replies count on user listing: 

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