Moderate User Registration Setup Guide

This article will guide you through the process of setting up Moderate User Registration extension for UsersWP. 

Customizing the Extension

You need to have the Moderate User Registration extension for UsersWP installed and activated in order to access these options. 

Once you have installed and activated the extension, you can simply proceed to tweaking the Registration Action value. Moderate User Registration extension does not have any other settings page to configure. 

There are five types of Registration Action options available to you: 

  • Auto Approve - Automatically approves user registrations on your site. 
  • Auto Approve + Auto Login - Automatically approves user registrations, and also automatically logs in the user. 
  • Require Email Activation - Does not automatically approve user registrations; instead, sends an email confirmation link for membership approval to the registering user. 
  • Force Redirect to Redirect Page - Redirects the user to a particular page after registration. 
  • Require Admin Review - Fully manual process; requires an administrator to approve or reject user registration requests. 

Auto Approve + Auto Login and Force Redirect to Redirect Page require you to select a page to redirect the user to, after successful registration and login. 

Setting Up Registration Action 

Head to UsersWP > General > Register. 
Specify the Registration Action behavior, based on the options outlined above. 
If required, also select the Redirect Page option. 
Save your settings. 
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