Settings Overview for UsersWP > Addons > Restrict User

This is the settings overview for the UsersWP > Addons > Restrict User Signups page. 

You need to have the Restrict User Signups extension for UsersWP installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

Restrict User Signups Settings 

  • Disable Username Restriction - Check this box to disable the restrictions of the addon. 
  • Disable Spaces in Username - Check this box to disable spaces in usernames. 
  • Full Match Restricted Usernames - Usernames entered here will be matched fully against user's preferences, and usage of such usernames will be blocked. 
  • Partially Match Restricted Usernames - This is a profanity filter. Partially matched usernames will become invalid.
  • Error Message for Invalid Username - Type the error message to be displayed for invalid usernames. 
  • Disable Email Restriction - Check this box to disable email restrictions. 
  • Block Disposable Email Domains - Check this box to block disposable email domains. 
  • Blocked Domains - Input the domain names to be blocked from signup. 
  • Full Match Restricted Emails - Type in the email addresses that should be blocked from signup. 
  • Error Message for Invalid Email - Error message to be displayed for invalid emails. 
  • Allow use of the emails to use limited domains only - Check this box to enable using the limited domains in email for the signup.
  • Domains to Allow in Emails - Input the domains to allow in emails on signup. 
  • Error Message for Limited Domains - Error message to be displayed for invalid domain names. 
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