What Makes UsersWP Widgets Special?

The Problem

In WordPress, developers have 3 different ways to output content;

  • Widgets
  • Shortcodes
  • Blocks (Gutenberg Editor)

The problem is that all 3 are created in different ways.  As a result, creating a map "widget" that is able to be output by all 3 would require the creation and maintaining 3 different code bases. This means 3x more time to build, maintain and fix any issues as well as inconsistencies between the settings inputs.

Our Super Duper Solution

Back before the Gutenberg editor was introduced and Blocks were a thing, we (and most devs) already disliked maintaining a shortcode and a widget that did the same thing. Therefore when blocks came into the scene we decided a new solution was needed and in early 2018 we created WP Super Duper.

WP Super Duper

WP Super Duper is a PHP Class that does several important things, the core idea is that you write your code once and it will;

  • Create a shortcode.
  • Create a widget.
  • Create a Block. (without any JS knowledge required)
  • Have the exact same settings inputs for all 3.
  • Have the exact same output results no matter what you use, shortcode, widget or block.
  • Adds a visual shortcode builder when using the classic editor.
  • Provides compatibility with almost all page builders.
  • Reduces the amount of PHP code used.
  • Reduces the time needed to add new features.

WP Super Duper is used in all our projects so users always have a consistent way to output content.

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