How to Add Fields to Advanced Search Form?

Once you have installed and activated the Advanced Search extension, you can start adding fields to the search form straightaway. 

In order to access these settings, you need to have the Advanced Search extension installed and activated on your site. 

Adding Fields to Advanced Search Form 

Navigate to UsersWP > Form Builder > Advanced Search. 
Next, click on the Form Fields that you wish to add to the Advanced Search Form, in order to add those fields to the right-pane. 
Be sure to Save your settings. 

Adding Additional Fields to Advanced Search Form

Certain fields, such as First Name, Last Name, Email, etc. are available as Standard Fields and can be added out of the box to the advanced search form. However, you can add any additional form field to the Advanced Search form as well. 

Go to UsersWP > Form Builder > Account. 
Expand any field from selected fields panel and tick the checkbox that says 'Include this field in the Search form'. (You might need to click the Show Advanced button to display the relevant checkbox field). 
Save your settings. 

That's all. The selected fields will now be available in the Advanced Search Form Builder as well. 

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