Settings Overview for UsersWP > General > Register

This is the Settings Overview for the UsersWP > General > Register page. 

You need to have the UsersWP plugin installed and activated in order to access these settings. 

Register Settings

  • Register Lightbox - If enabled, some register links will open in a Lightbox instead of changing page.
  • Registration Action - Select how registration should be handled (default behavior is auto-approve, but you can change it to email activation). 
  • Register TOS Page - Specify the Terms of Service page for new registrations. 
  • GDPR Policy Page - Specify your GDPR policy page. 
  • Redirect Admin Default Register Page - If enabled, /wp-login.php?action=register page will be redirected to UsersWP register page.
  • Username Length (A) - Specify the maximum number of characters to be permitted in a username. 
  • Minimum Password Limit (A) - Specify the minimum character limit of passwords. 
  • Maximum Password Limit (A) - Specify the maximum character limit of passwords. 
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